W is for Walrus….

Walruses are giants of the sea.  It was so interesting to learn all about them, they use those big tusks to pull themselves along thru the ice and snow.  And a walrus can weigh as much as 2 tons!  We had fun learning all about the walrus and the letter Ww.

The Walrus

by Jack Pretlutsky

The widdly, waddly walrus

has flippery, floppery feet.

He dives in the ocean for dinner

and stands on his noggin to eat.

The wrinkly, crinkly walrus

swims with a debonair splash.

His elegant tusks are of ivory

and he wears a fine walrus mustache.

The thundery, blundery walrus

has a rubbery, blubbery hide.

He puffs up his neck when it’s bedtime

and floats fast asleep in the tide.

We read Walruses of the Arctic by Sara Swan Miller.  A great book full of facts all about the walrus with great photos of the animals.

For this craft I used an outline of my shoe for the body of the walrus.

After adding hand print flippers and tusks, the walrus is complete!  Although our walruses kind of look like they have been on a diet, they could have been a little bit chubbier!

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