We All Scream for Ice Cream!!!

This week was a very fun week!  It was Ii week and I is for ice cream!  We read a story, made a craft and even had ice cream to celebrate the letter Ii.

Sing With Me

The Ice Cream Truck is Coming!

(to the tune of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain”)

Oh, the ice cream truck is comin’ down the street!  ding, ding

Oh, the ice cream truck is comin’ down the street!  ding, ding

Oh, it makes my skin just tingle

When I hear that jingle, jingle!

Oh, the ice cream truck is comin’ down the street!  ding, ding


Ice Cream

I like my ice cream on a stick.

It’s the only kind I pick.

But when the sun is really hot,

I have to lick it quite a lot!

Ice Cream Colors

We have ice cream, the best in town,

Let’s begin with chocolate brown.

Now let’s scoop up some bubble gum pink,

It’s sweet and yummy, the best, some think.

Here is ice cream minty and green,

It’s the creamiest I’ve ever seen.

Red ice cream is a strawberry delight,

All these scoops are a heavenly sight.

Vanilla white is a popular flavor,

It tastes very good to an ice cream craver.

Ice cream, ice cream what a cool sensation,

We love ice cream in any combination!


 Story Time

preschool book about ice cream

We read “The Ice Cream King” by Steve Metzger.  This is a wonderful book full of imagination.  A little boy and his mom go to the ice cream shop, the waiter puts a paper crown on his head and he is transported to a land where he is king of  ice cream.  But he is all alone in his ice cream world.  He takes his crown off and is back at the ice cream shop where he shares his ice cream with his mom.

Craft Time

i is for ice cream craft

We painted paper ice cream to put on top of a cone.  We had pink paint for strawberry, white for vanilla and brown for chocolate.  I let them pick their favorite….and chocolate won hands down!

i is for ice cream craft

i is for ice cream craft

Snack Time

ice cream snack

For show and tell one of the children brought in ice cream to share with our class!  Everyone got a scoop of Neapolitan, a mix of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla!  Yummmmy!  A fun end to our letter Ii week!


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