Will You Be My Valentine?

Today was our class Valentine’s Day party!  We had so much fun getting ready for our day.  We have been hard at work making all kinds of cute crafts and our mail boxes to hold our cards and treats.

christian valentine's day wreath

The Valentine's Day wreath that greets everyone who enters our classroom!

christian valentine's day wreath

I took John 3:16 and lined up the letters and wornds to spell VALENTINE in the center of the wreath.

We have also been singing some Valentine songs and reading lots of Valentine books too!

Counting Valentines

(to the tune of Ten Little Indians)

One red, two red, three red Valentines;

Four red, five red, six red Valentines;

Seven red, eight red, nine red Valentines;

Ten red Valen-tines.

valentines books for preschoolers

We read Valentine Mice by Bethany Roberts and Countdown to Valentine's Day by Jodi Huelin

valentine's crafts for preschoolers

The poem for our "love bugs"

valentine's crafts for preschoolers

Valentine's Day Love Bugs

valentine's crafts for preschoolers

Valentine's Day lady bugs

valentine's crafts for preschoolers

Our Valentine's Day hats made from paper plates that we wore for our party!

valentine's crafts for preschoolers

The classic Valentine's Day mail boxes made from a shoe box.

valentine's crafts for preschoolers

We made these yummy heart shaped sandwiches for lunch along with fruit, veggies and punch! And yummy cupcakes for dessert!

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