X is for X-Ray Fish…

Wow, we are almost to the end of the alphabet!  We have made it to letter Xx.  This letter was a little tricky to find things that started with it.  But, I did find the x -ray fish!  Otherwise known as a golden pristella tetra.  I have actually had these fish in our aquarium at home at one time.

This is a photo of a real x-ray fish.  You really can see right through them!

xray fish



letter x book for preschoolers

We read “A Xylophone for X-Ray Fish”by Liza Charlesworth, from the Alpha Tales book.


making an x ray fish preschool craft

We made beautiful watercolor x-ray fish.  We started by painting the reverse side of a fish template that had been copied to card stock.  Card stock holds up very well to water colors without ripping or getting holes in it.


preschool craft

Next I flipped the paper over and made slits in the middle of the template to resemble gills.

x ray fish craft for preschoolers

Then we added a google eye and some glue and iridescent glitter to the gills to give him a wet look.


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