Y is for Yak and Yellow…

We are getting closer to the end of the alpahabet!  This week was all about the letter Yy and learning it’s sound, which was a little confusing.  The children want to say it like the W (wuh), but they got the hang of it as we went along through the week and discovered a lot of Y words.


Y is for Yaks

Yawning Yaks

Five yaks yawned  a lot

Time for bed, believe it or not

For your mother you must obey

And when you get up, just yell….YAY!

preschool letter y book

We read “The Yak Who Yelled Yuck”by Carol Pugliano-Martin.

yak craft for preschoolers

preschool yak craft

We made yaks out of a template and the children’s hands.  They made a fist with their thumb sticking out and I traced around it to make the yak’s horns.

Y is for Yellow

I Love Yellow

(to the tune of Three Blind Mice)

I love yellow, I love yellow.

It’s so mellow.  It’s so mellow.

I love yellow flowers that grow to the sky.

I love yellow ducks that swim right by.

I love yellow slickers that keep me dry.

I love yellow!

preschool books about yellow sun

We read “What is the Sun?” by Reeve Lindbergh  and “Little Blue and Little Yellow”by Leo Lionni

yellow sun preschool craft

The children painted yellow happy sunshines onto little paper plates.  Then added rays, google eyes and a friendly smile.


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