Z is for Zebra and Zoo…

Yay…we have completed the alphabet!  We have had such a fun year learning the alphabet with fun songs, books and cute crafts .  This week was all about the zoo and the zebra, learning the sound of z and exploring the zoo!  We will start reviewing next week and go a little faster until the end of the year.  Instead of a letter per week, we will do a letter per day and focus more on tracing and writing the letter.  We will also have different themes until the end of the year like: Bugs, At the Beach, My Garden, Mother’s Day ect.  Keep checking back as we  continuing our learning fun!

Z is for Zebra

I’m a Little Zebra

(to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)

I’m a little zebra,

White and black,

With a bushy mane

Running down my back.

I like to gallop

And run and play

Out on the grassy plains

All day!

We even listened to what a zebra sounds like.  The kids were curious, so I looked it up on You Tube.  It is really unusual and sounds like a yelping dog!  Click here to hear what a zebra sounds like!

zebra preschool bookWe read “Zack the Lazy Zebra” by Wendy Cheyette Lewison.  The Alpha Tales book was a great learning tool this year.  Each story is filled with words that start with each letter of the alpabet.

zebra hand print craft for preschoolersWe made hand print zebras.  The white paint was a little runny and thin, but they turned out pretty good!


Z is for Zoo

Zoo Fun

As we go walking through the zoo,

This is what we’ll see,

Elephants and hippos,

And monkeys in a tree.

Tigers roaring loudly,

Giraffes who stand so high,

Dolphins swimming freely,

And parrots in the sky.

So let’s all go walking,

Having fun the whole day through,

As we go on our field trip

To the friendly city zoo!

zoo books for preschoolersWe read “Animal Strike at the Zoo” by Karma Wilson  and “Zoo Looking” by  Mem Fox

We sang the following song while we wore our zoo masks.  When we sang each animal, the child with that animal held up their mask.

I Went to the Zoo

I went to the zoo and what did I see?

I saw a great big tiger lookin’ at me!

He went “roarrrr, roarrr”

He went “roarrrr, roarrrr”

He went “roarrrr, roarrrr”

And that’s what he said to me!

I went to the zoo and what did I see?

I saw a great big monkey lookin’ at me!

He went “Oooo-ooo Ooooo-oooo”

He went “Oooo-ooo Ooooo-oooo”

He went “Oooo-ooo Ooooo-oooo”

And that’s what he said to me!

Just keep going and add each animal and the sound they make as you go.

zoo masks for preschoolersWe made zoo masks out of the Zoo Pals paper plates.  Just cut out the eyes and add a popsicle stick handle and you have a fun mask!

zoo masks for preschoolersOur class is  a zoo!!

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